Monday, September 13, 2010

Charitable: Seniya Fleming Cell Phone-A-Thon

A friend sent this to me.  If you live in the Washington, DC area and are able to attend please do so.  If not, the family will be accepting donations.  Please read the touching story below.

We are a charitable organization comprised of the friends and family of SeniyaFleming, the first child in the world to be documented with an extremely rare syndrome. We have come together to form the SeniyaFoundation, Inc. to raise funds for future diagnosis and treatment of medical illness as well as for her general care. We need your help to achieve this goal. Seniyawas born with only part of her Chromosome 1 gene, which is passed down from both parents.

Both of Seniya’s parents have all of their genes but due to this missing information in her DNA, Seniya has:

•holes in four of her heart valves
•fused arms (her arm and forearm bones are fused so that she has no elbows)
•no thumbs with an extra finger tip on her right hand
•a cleft palate such that her tongue rests in the back of her mouth, making it hard to breathe, chew, and drink. Due to these unexpected challenges, Seniyahas spent a lot of her life at John Hopkins Hospital.

At only two years old, Seniya has undergone:
•quadruple bypass heart surgery
•unsuccessful surgery to create a thumb from the extra finger on her right hand Seniyais now confronted with the beginning stages of facial deformities, which are likely to cause blindness. To correct these deformities and prevent blindness, doctors will have to operate in an area that contains her facial nerves. Therefore, the surgery could also lead to blindness and/or could also cause Seniyato lose her ability to smile.

Despite everything that Seniyahas endured in her first two years of life, she continues to laugh and give love to everyone. However, as she grows, her medical needs will increase. As you might imagine, Seniya’smedical condition requires much time and attention as well as many resources. Unfortunately, Seniya’sneeds has necessitated to full time on the spot care and attention that has resulted in her mother having to leave the workforce and her father to hold down several jobs in order to support their family of six.

The situation is further complicated by Social Security’s denial of the benefits to which she is entitled. At this time, we are seeking contributions to assist the family as they continue to try to provide for Seniya’sneeds without the benefit of public assistance.

This is why the SeniyaFoundation, Inc. would like to invite you and your friends to come out and participate in our Cell Phone-A-Thon by expecting and accepting our call on your cell phone that we will be making on:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
New Community of GOD In Christ
12435C MattawomanDrive
Waldorf MD 20601

We will need volunteers to come out to the church and help make calls to the individuals in their contact list and request donations this support will help the family make this Cell Phone-A-Thon a success. If you are willing to volunteer and own a laptop please bring it with you to help with the processing of the donations.
If you cannot make it, you can also make donations online via Seniya'swebsite:

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  1. I am just seeing this! I hope the event was a success.

    My heart goes out to her and her family.