Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October 2: March for Jobs & Justice

Just forwarding along information about the upcoming March for Jobs & Justice.

In this, the Centennial year of the National Urban League, we've asked Americans to take the I Am Empowered pledge to help close the gaps on education, employment, housing and health care. On October 2nd, one of the biggest progressive rallies in decades, focused on these goals, will happen in Washington DC.  Will you mark with us for jobs and justice?

The National Urban League is partnering with more than 150 progressive organizations and tens of thousands of people like you to mobilize the nation in the name of economic empowerment. We're joining human and civil rights groups, unions and trade associations, non-profits and religious groups, and many more.

The rally begins at 12:00PM at the Lincoln Memorial and ends at approximately 4:00PM.  Buses and carpools are being organized from every corner of the country for this incredible event. Will you join us?


The nation has just begun down the path of economic recovery, and without the support of committed partners like you, we could lose the progress we're beginning to make.  Join us in the fight to put Americans back to work and pull this country back together.

As the country recovers from economic collapse, the National Urban League has been at the forefront in finding solutions to the jobs crisis.  As then-President-Elect Obama prepared to take office, the League submitted an economic stimulus plan that included a temporary public service employment progam aimed at creating up to 200,000 jobs in urban areas. The League's 6-Point Plan for Job Creation calls for direct funding to states, municipalities and public employers. We've been called upon time and again to provide Congress with our unique perspective on the employment challenges facing America's urban communities.  The One Nation rally is a significant opportunity for us to make our voices heard.


  1. Nice...I'm doing the AIDS Walk that morning.

  2. Update: the AIDS Walk folks sent an email inviting us to join immediately after. If my feet and legs are up to the challenge, I'm game...