Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30th #FightBreastCancer

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, I hope that by now you've heard about the Susan G. Komen For the Cure #FightBreastCancer initiative.  Beginning September 30, at midnight (EST) to midnight October 1, they are kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month by asking everyone to visit and sign their petition.

Additionally, they've included several statistics that can be used to update your Facebook/Twitter status or blog.  On Facebook and Twitter make sure to include the hashtag #fightbreastcancer.  The goal is to promote awareness.  Everyone has been affected by cancer in one way or another, all it takes is a moment to make a further increase awareness about this dreadful disease.  Will you do your part?

Here's more information about the initiative...

Why 69 seconds?
Because that’s how often a woman dies of breast cancer somewhere in the world. A statistic we’re trying to change. It’s also about how long it takes to #fightbreastcancer by choosing to drive change, share support or educate at

We hope to mobilize millions to take 69 seconds to #fightbreastcancer AND break the Guinness World Record for Most Widespread Social Network Message in 24 Hours.

How can you join the fight?

  1. Visit and take action!
  2. From the website, change your Facebook and/or Twitter status to one of the following:
* Every 69 seconds, a woman dies of breast cancer somewhere in the world. #fightbreastcancer at
Today is not about raising funds. It’s about raising virtual voices around the world to take action in 69 seconds or less. Visit, post #fightbreastcancer to Facebook and Twitter or blog about it before midnight and help turn the virtual world pink.

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