Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sit Back & Relax

Last weekend I took a trip with 5 of my girlfriends to the mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains to be exact. We stayed in a luxurious cabin, with an amazing view, in the middle of nowhere. The weekend was very low-key and included massages, a jazz festival, wine tastings and a tour of the winery near where we stayed at The Chateau Morrisette. (I highly recommend this place! If you are willing to drive, it's 300+ miles from DC, but well worth it. Blue Ridge Real Estate offers many option of timeshares you can rent, our package was only $115 per person which included the housing, dinner, massage, & wine tasting/tour)

But anyway, enough of the free promotion. Being away from the fast-pace of the city definitely gave me some time to clear my mind and attempt to sort through some things. When I got there I figured that I'd be without cell phone service, but I hoped for the best. It's funny how you never realize how connected you are until you have no other forms of communication than face-to-face. No calling, no texting, no tweeting, what's a girl to do to entertain herself?

Needless to say, the girls and I did a lot of talking. The conversations mainly revolved around our favorite topic, Men, of course. That always seems to be the topic of discussion these days because as succesful, professional, Black women we have a hard time trying to find and keep a man. We talked about the different men in our lives. We talked about how some of them don't want to be caught and how they have so many options these days, it's hard to find one who's ready to settle down. We talked about how we were tired of the games Men play and us having the play them back in hopes of snagging them. We even talked about how many of our friends and family members have started settling just for the sake of companionship, not because they were actually in love with the person.

The weekend was full of many insightful discussions. I'm glad I had the chance to get away to have some time to say out loud some of the things that have been bothering me surrounded by supportive friends, many who are dealing with similar issues as it relates to relationships and the men in our lives. I definitely still have some issues I'm trying to work through but I'm going to try to take at least one day each month to reflect on my life, my goals, and what the future holds for me. It's a struggle to make time to do nothing but sometimes you just have to sit back and relax.


  1. Hey sweets! Glad to hear you had a good time. I'll have to check out the Chateau.

    Lately, I've heard a few guys comment that while there are a plethora of women out there, finding one who has redeeming qualities is difficult. I guess it depends on where a guy is in his life. I'm kicking 40 so I've noticed that more guys are ready to settle down. I'm keeping hope alive :-).

  2. I am actually interested in what type of insight was shared among a group of young, Black, Professional, Women. Expound if you will. I will return later.