Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Circles of Friends

Friends, how many of us have them...Sometimes I feel like I have too many friends. Is that possible? I've got those friends I've known since kindergarten, others I went to college with, another set from Grad school, more from various groups I've belonged to over the years and last, but certainly not least, my Devastingly Beautiful Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. All very important in their own right but it's hard running in so many different circles, with so many different personalities.

Sometimes I get to a point where I feel like I may have way too many girlfriends. Sure I have some male friends, but you can't always talk to them the way you would your girls. By having so many circles of friends, it's like you have to ration your time amongst all of them. It's good in a way too though because I can never really be alone because there will always be someone I can talk to.

The way I see it I have several types of girlfriends 1.) shallow 2.) lifers 3.) social butterflies 4.) the clique 5.) the BFF. Everyone has shallow friends. Not saying they are shallow people but the relationship you have with them is on the surface you would never share too much personal business with them. Every time you see them you'll talk about general things like fashion, the last movie you saw, the last CD you heard. Lifers are those you've known forever and you're just friends because you've known each other for so long. They are the ones you've had falling outs with over the years but have remained friends. The social butterflies are those you simply call for social gatherings. These are also similar to surface friends because most of your conversation revolves around planning social activities and going out. You've probably never been to this person's house but you always meet up with them somewhere to go to dinner or a night spot. The cliques are those you are affiliated with through various clubs and organizations and your conversation typically revolves around that organization or affairs relating to the organization. Lastly is the BFF, you can talk to her about anything and everything from the latest fashion to politics to having her be the shoulder you cry on when a relationship ends.

I believe that in some cases the circles can coexist but more often than not, each of them fits a different niche. Not saying that I'm popular, but yes I do have a lot of friends and each one of them has a place whether it's the shallow friend or the lifers. Like the saying, everything happens for a reason, I believe everyone comes into our lives for a reason and it's up to us to nurture those friendships if we want them to last.

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  1. Nice read,

    I don't know you well only on the social media scene but I had already guessed that you were a Delta LOL. But anyway a lot of really social people don't realize that true friends are few and far in between. I like your insight on your various types of friends. Which of your categories has the fewest friends (shallow, lifers, bff?? etc.)