Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Lent Challenge

About a month ago, I watched a video called "The Lent Challenge" created by one of the people I follow on Twitter. After watching it I felt even more inspired to make a sacrifice to give up something myself.

Although Lent is traditionally thought of as something that Catholics do. Growing up, A.M.E. (African Methodist Episcopal) we always made sacrifices for Lent. I remember giving up soda one year, beef another but I've dropped off over the last few years. So I figured this year I'd come up with something even bigger and more meaningful. This year I gave up fast food and buying clothing.

Fast food has been somewhat difficult because I'm always on the go whether trekking from work to mentoring, various meetings, or spending time with my girls. I've had to be resourceful and make sure I bring enough food to last throughout the day and evening or just starve until I get home. Lately, I've been craving Chipotle, yes I do consider that fast food, but I've tried to focus my energy on other things.

As for shopping for clothes, I'm not going to lie I am a self-professed shopaholic. I'd take a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress or a Theory Suit anyday. If there's something I like and it's on sale, I feel compelled to buy it no matter the cost simply because it's on sale. Sad I know. Truthfully, I don't think I've ever gone a week without buying a single piece of clothing. Three weeks is definitely a record. I've also not bought any shoes, accessories, or anything that could be worn. What makes this even more strange, I haven't even felt remotely tempted to buy anything. If you're thinking I've been able to do this by avoiding places that would tempt me, that would be wrong. I work PT at a high-end department store on the weekends so there's no escaping the temptation.

So if you wondering why I'm doing this it's because I feel like God has done so much for me and if I could sacrifice something as small as shopping and eating certain foods, I could do anything. I'm not one who is always trying to preach the word to others, not that there's anything wrong with that, but I believe in being a good person and sharing that goodness with others but not forcing my beliefs on them. Just wanted to share my story.

With only 3 weeks left, I have no doubt that I will successfully make it through this Lent Season. In the coming weeks, I'm going to take some time to truly think about other on-going sacrifices that I can make. I've been blessed with so many things over my 28 years of life including my health, my family, and just being alive. Making small sacrifices here and there will only make me a stronger person and I am up for the challenge.

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