Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chill Spot - Indulj

The other week I went to an event called Taste of Words held at a spot called Indulj on U Street. The restaurant/lounge was simply furnished.

THE SCENE: Downstairs there was a full bar, a few tables, and a band that played live Jazz. Upstairs had another bar and lots of Ikea-esque furniture. The event I went for lasted from 8-10. Apparently after 10PM the upstairs turns into more of a club with a DJ. Saw what looked like Howard U. Students and possibly others young college graduates heading upstairs while my friends and I moved downstairs. Downstairs was definitely more of a lounge for the grown & sexy.

BAND: The trio was diverse, but then again everything on U Street is diverse these days. It's really changed over the years, as has most of DC. Two of the band members were young Black men probably in their early twenties and the the bass player was an old (think 70s with white hair) White man, he was adorable with his old self, lol. They played a little of of everything.

FOOD: The food that my friends and I had was very good and definitely recession-friendly. They served what they call "Southern Tapas". I highly recommend the corn muffin with the pulled BBQ beef, it was sooo good and I don't think it cost more than $8. Can't beat that.

I was impressed by my visit so I went on their website to find more information about the spot and other events they have there. Below is one event they have on a weekly basis and there are free Martinis for Ladies before 9:00. How recession-friendly is that? Who can pass up free drinks these days, lol!

Events @ Indulj
We're Cooking Jazz (The Martini Park Edition) for all the Jazz lovers each and every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday! Complimentary Martini's for all ladies until 9pm. This is the Professional Sanctuary!

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