Monday, November 7, 2011

Savvy Shopping: $1.99 Holiday Card Deal

Truthfully, I'm not a huge fan of VistaPrint, never have been, mainly because of the cheesy, free business cards I see people have made through them (sorry if I offended anyone). Over the weekend I came across an amazing deal for holiday cards. The promo said 20 personalized holiday cards for only $1.99.

I figured I'd just visit the link provided and see what the options available were. Surprisingly they had hundreds of holiday cards and every one of them was customizable outside, inside and on the back. I just knew there had to be a catch, that my almost free cards would end up being $20-30, no catch. They do have several option listed where they try to upsell you, but if you're just looking for cards, simply bypass all of the offers.

With customization on the front, inside and on the back where I included my photo and a message, it was still only $1.99 and the shipping $6, not bad. I usually pay $15-20 for 20 boxed cards each year at Target or Hallmark. These were half of that and are fully customized so I won't need to spend countless hours, writing messages and signing each of them. You truly can't beat this deal!

My Advice: Since it's still early in the season, I'd highly recommend you jump on this deal so you can pay the least amount for shipping and still receive your holiday cards prior to December.

Use this link to instantly save $5 on your first order. Happy Shopping!

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