Thursday, July 8, 2010

Save The Date: emPower Happy Hour

I'm a HUGE fan of Happy Hour fundraisers!  Whoever came up with the idea of getting young professionals together during happy hour to raise money for worthy charities was a great person and they deserve to be commended. 

As young professionals, we may not have the $300-$500 that it costs to attend various charity balls in and around the city, but most people can spare a $10 donation or purchase a drink or two to support a local charity in need.I've posted the information for one such event below and will continue to post information about fundraising happy hours as I hear about them.

Start your month off right by networking for a good cause!

On the first Thursday of every month, emPower magazine is hosting an emPower HAPPY HOUR at Tabaq Bistro to further our mission, which is to not only discuss social issues but also challenge our readers to take action.

August Non-Profit Recipient: Sasha Bruce Youthwork

Admission is Free

Time: 5-8 PM

Each month, you have the opportunity to support a different non-profit organization in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Attendees can give in two ways:
• By drinking (10 percent of the beverage proceeds will go the the non-profit)
• By bringing non-monetary donations (depending on the needs of the organization)

View the entire invitation

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  1. Dear friend...please check out They have great ideas to raise money for absolutely anything. 0 cost. You just have to collect old phones and send to them to recycle. In exchange you get cash. It's that simply and good for the environment. Good luck.