Monday, August 8, 2011

Truckeroo is Back!!!

In case you missed Truckeroo in July, it's back for August and is supposed to continue monthly through October. Make sure you swing by Das Bullpen at the National's Stadium (Half St.and M Street SE across from the Navy Yard Metro station) on Friday, August 12 from 11:00AM - 11:00PM for this expo of food trucks.

At last month's Truckeroo, there were over 25 food trucks. My friend and I arrived around 7:00 and walked around to check out all of the vendors.

We decided to get in line for Takorean. They had the longest line by far, so we figured it had to be good? I have to say I wasn't completely sold. The bulgogi taco was pretty tasty but the chicken lacked seasoning. I was hoping to try the pork one as well, but after an hour and 15 minutes of waiting as soon as we reached the window, they had sold out. I wish I could say they were worth the wait, but I can't. Hey, you win some, you lose some.

We also tried the arepas from Sabora. The line was by far shorter and the arepa with a side of Latin slaw was delicious. I like the arepas at Cube Libra but this one was definitely heartier and less expensive. I'll be adding Sabora to my Twitter timeline so I can definitely take advantage of the next time they are parked by my office.

My advice is to go with a group of friends and each of you wait in line for something different. This way you have a chance to divide and conquer. Also, bring cash (there's a Bank of America ATM about 2 blocks away). Many of the food trucks were not accepting credit cards so cash is King there.

Volunteers Needed
The food trucks need volunteer canvassers on August 12th. Food provided. Please email them at

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