Thursday, February 17, 2011

Food Truck Review: Red Hook Lobster Truck

Let me first begin by saying, I was always a snob when it came to food trucks. Typically, when I'd see them in the past, I'd turn my nose up and say I'm not eating from somewhere where there's no sink for the people preparing my food to wash their hands or use the bathroom. Well times have changed.

A few months ago, I heard there was a new food truck coming to DC that's speciality was Maine lobster. Being that I L-O-V-E all things with shrimp and lobster, the thought of it made me drool with excitement.

After reading their daily tweets (@LobsterTruckDC) and seeing their launch pushed further and further back, the anticipation had died down and I'd forgotten all about them. A little while ago, I just happened to see a tweet from an associate of mine who works down the street saying the truck was going to be in our area. I figured this was finally my chance.

She ended up not going but I didn't allow that to dissuade me. I walked over to McPherson Square to see what all the fuss was about. That day it was extremely cold so I figured the line couldn't be that long. Wrong!

The truck got there at 11:00 and by the time I got there around 1:00 there were still a good 20-25 people in line in front of me. I ended up chatting it up with a older Polish woman which made my 30 minute or so wait go by a little faster.

I finally got up to the window and ordered the Lobster Roll Connecticut-style, meaning it didn't have mayonnaise and was drizzled in butter instead of being creamy. I couldn't wait to get back to my office to see if it was really worth the wait. Let me tell you, it was sooo worth it. The bread was perfectly toasted and the roll had just the right amount of lobster. I'd say there were 5 or 6 large lobster claws in it. It was succulent and seasoned just right with a slight lemon and butter taste. It ate every last morsel.

In addition to the roll I ordered, they had a mayo-based one (Maine-style), Shrimp Rolls, clam chowder (I'm guessing that's just for the winter since it's not listed on their website), whoopie pies from Maine, Cape Cod chips (I love the Sea Salt & Vinegar) and Maine Root sodas.

If you have a chance to catch up to the Red Hook Lobster Truck, I say go for it. Make sure you follow them on Twitter so you'll know when they'll be in your area. Thanks to the Lobster Truck, I have to say I am no longer a food truck snob and I'm sure you will definitely not be disappointed.

Red Hook Lobster Truck
Moving Targets throughout DC

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  1. Nice review! I LOVE the lobster truck as well.

    As a New Englander who grew on ON the ocean and ate lobster like it was going out of style, though, I have to say I've never heard of 'Maine Style' or 'Connecticut Style' lobster roll.

    A lobster roll in New England is just a lobster roll (with mayo, like their 'Maine Style.') I've never seen one in MA, ME, RI that didn't come standard WITHOUT mayo. So imagine my surprise (and disappointment) when the first time at the lobster truck, I simply ordered a 'lobster roll' and got the Connecticut Style by default!!

    This was early on, and there was no sign up to differentiate the two styles. Even though I LOVE their lobster rolls (they're very close to the ones at home), as a native New Englander it still irks me a little bit. They should rename them to A) Lobster Roll B) Lobster roll, no mayo.

    If I went home and asked for a Maine style lobster roll (or Connecticut, for that matter), people would look at me like I'm crazy.

    Just my two cents. And it certainly won't stop me from going to the truck!