Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Two Cents: Basketball Wives

I planned on leaving this show alone but I felt compelled to comment on it. 

My main concern with one of VH1's latest reality shows, Basketball Wives, is that among the entire cast there is only ONE true wife.  The one wife, Jennifer Williams, is married to a gremlin of a man who is a former NBA player.  Another of the women, Evelyn, was engaged to a basketball player for several years and they broke up fairly recently.

Then you have Royce a former dancer for the Orlando & Miami basketball teams and most known for her role as Dwight Howard's baby's mama.  While, Royce's been acting very immature as of late (everyone's seen the video of her dancing for Ludacris at the 2010 All Star Weekend), I refuse to talk bad about her.  Maybe it's because we went to FAMU together and this person she's become isn't who I remember.  There's Gloria who is engaged to a current NBA player and they have 2 adorable little boys.  There's not much drama concerning her as there is about her sister who was with Gilbert Arenas and allegedly cheated on him with Shaq.  Word on the street is she's the reason why he and Shaunie got divorced.  Speaking of Shaunie, the cast wouldn't be complete without her as the show was her idea.  She was only on the first episode if I remember correctly so I really have nothing to say about her.  There are other characters but they are not very memorable and not even worth mentioning.

As of now, like most of the reality shows on VH1, Basketball Wives seems very shallow.  All they do is constantly talk about their relationships with athletes and their struggles with infidelity, that's getting a little old.  Tell us something we don't know.  I'd be more interested in hearing Jennifer talk about what she's doing to hold her married together than see her curse out yet another groupie for messing with her man.  Most of them are beautiful women and they've chosen to live this lifestyle.  The way I see it is they can either suck it up or move on. #justsaying


  1. I am SO glad that someone else is as ashamed to be watching this show as I am. I saw the first ep. and thought "well maybe this won't be that bad", but then the lady's went to the "get together" & bumped into the other groupies (because lets face it, they're all groupie's). They all seem to be so very miserable in their lives and they all seem to really hate Gloria for some reason. Maybe they see what Gloria has and they see that she's happy and they remember when they're happy. Either way, i'm glad i'm not the only one watching this show with my hand over my eyes.

  2. It is really sad to see women crying over trifling men. I wanted maybe two episode and found the formula: the drink a lot, manipulate those who can be easy to manipulate, and they love to fight. Now we can all see that the grass is not greener on the other side.

    I thought it was a going to be a wife per episode a la A Fabulous Life. Bring back "Let's Talk About Pep"...I like that show way better.