Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Restaurant Review: Blue 44

A few weeks ago, I went to Blue 44 for the first time and then went back again last weekend. That should be a good indication of what I thought about the place, right?

So my boyfriend lives in Friendship Heights, on the border of Upper NW and Chevy Chase, MD, in a very residential part of DC that is definitely not known for their food establishments. From the looks of the places that have popped up over there over the past year, they are trying to change that.

Next to Blue 44 is a great wine shop called Circle Liquors. Their selection is amazing and the staff is incredibly helpful in aiding you to find the perfect pairing for whatever meal you are planning. But I digress, back to Blue 44.

It's a quaint little restaurant that couldn't possibly seat more than 45-50 people, including the few seats at their bar. They have a few tables in the window, perfect for people watching, then several small tables along the outer walls. There are larger tables in the center perfect for groups or families.

For brunch I've had the pumpkin pecan pancakes and the bourbon spiced french toast with sides of home fries and bacon. The french toast was very filling but I loved the taste of the pumpkin pecan pancakes so much more. I liked the fact that the flavors weren't overly pronounced and the pancakes were light and fluffy.

I'd have to say what impressed me the most was their bacon. I'm a bacon aficionado and their bacon is definitely in the top 3 best I've ever had, in life. It's peppery, thick cut and not too oily. If eating bacon daily was healthy, I'd definitely be there every day.

Hopefully, I'll go back soon to try their dinner. I've heard great things about their Monday Night Special. It's a 3 course meal including a salad, fried chicken "with all the fixins'", and house-made dessert for only $19. Not bad right?

Blue 44 is a one of those neighborhood gems, you only hear about via word of mouth or from a food blogger. Also, Washington Post Food Critic Tom Sietsema, wrote a review about them recently. He didn't give them a great score, but don't let that deter you.

Again, I've only been there for brunch but I'd recommend it solely based on that. It's great for small groups and families and those who want a great brunch experience without the hassle of a long wait. The staff is extremely friendly and does their part to ensure everything is to your liking.

Blue 44
5507 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20015


  1. Thanks for this! I am always looking for new places to dine and that brunch sounds yummy :)

  2. I read that review and add the restaurant to my list. I've learning to read between the lines on less than stellar reviews. As long as issuing of hygiene and safety are not the focus, I'll try any place that sounds interesting.