Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Restaurant Review: Fiesta (Dupont Circle)

A few weeks ago I purchased a deal to Fiesta through one of the local deal sites, The Capitol Dish. A friend and I went on a Friday night around 9:30. The place was pretty dead but I wanted to use my deal before it expired so we sat down in the bar area and ordered some drinks.

I'm a huge margarita fan and I love Mexican food so I figured this place couldn't be that bad. Although there was only one other table with 6 people and 2 girls seated at the bar, they began to blast the music at around 9:45 and a light show began around 10, despite the fact everyone in there was trying to watch the basketball games, clearly no one was there to party that early.
I ordered a margarita on the rocks and asked for Cuervo tequila because I didn't trust the well liquor they had, cheap liquor and I don’t get along. When it came out I took one sip and sent it back. It was disgusting so I asked for Patron instead. You can’t ruin anything with Patron in it, I was wrong. Honestly, I really don’t think they’re using the liquor you ask for. They have the bottles but I have a feeling they refill them with the cheap stuff.

While we waited I figured it couldn't take the food that long since no one was there so we didn't order the chips and salsa which were an additional $1. What reputable Mexican restaurant even charges for chips and salsa, I thought that was standard. Our food eventually came out, it was ok but the salsa they had was bland. It was really nothing more than diced tomatoes and a little onion. I didn't taste any cilantro, jalapenos, nothing.

I had a sweet tooth so I ordered the sopapillas. Those were definitely their only saving grace where the food/drinks were concerned. They were made perfectly and came out hot with just the right amount of honey, cinnamon and powdered sugar. If it weren't for those and the cute bartender/waiter, I would've given the place 1 star.

They've only been open for about 2 months now and I really don't see that place staying around much longer. There are plenty of better options, those with good food and a nice atmosphere, in Dupont Circle. Don't waste your money here.

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