Thursday, June 24, 2010

Being Savvy Ain't Easy

I'm the Queen when it comes to finding deals and learning about free things going on in DC.  I'm definitely savvy when it comes to knowing about anything and everything going on around me.  I'll let you in on a little secret, I don't find out about all of these events and promotions on my own.  I receive several emails on a daily basis that keep me up-to-date on the best deals this city has to offer. So, I'm going to share some of my favorites with you.

***Living Social
Living Social offers daily deals on everything from restaurants and spas to outdoor sporting events and entertainment.  Their deals are not limited to DC. They have deals in cities across the US including Boston, St. Louis, Charlotte, NYC, Austin, and New Orleans just to name a few.  As of now, I still have a few deals that I need to use: Tea & Treasure Hunt at a mansion, gift certificate to a new wine shop and dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant. 

The best part of joining Living Social is it's FREE, plus you'll received $5 off your first purchase. To sign up for Living Social, click here

Groupon and Living Social are a lot alike in that they offer similar deals.  What sets Groupon apart is they offer global deals in addition to those they offer in many US Metropolitan cities.  Their global reach spans to Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and 13 other countries.  Since they are a large company they offer more promotions, including surrounding deals, for instance if you live in DC they also provide you with deals in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

In addition to the usual, what I like most about Groupon is they often have daily deals that are ideal outings to do with friends or on a date including golf packages, laser tag, kayaking, white water rafting, and even yoga and pole dancing classes. 

Sign up for your own FREE Groupon account today, click here.

***DC Girls in the Know
I'm not exactly sure who told me about DC Girls in the Know but instead of sending daily deals like Living Social and Groupon, they send monthly offers.  Another great feature about this one is they have a listing of the newest restaurants in the city.  Their deals range from miscellaneous gift certificates, to cosmetic procedures (teeth whitening, botox) to discounted Polo tickets.  They definitely earn the name DC Girls in the Know because they give you exclusive access to the hottest events at a discounted rate.

When you click on the link below to join, you'll receive a $10 credit on your account to be used towards your first order.  If you don't click on the link to sign up you won't get the $10, sorry.  This month they are offering a $20 gift certificate to Artfully Chocolate (a chocolate and wine bar) for only $10 through June 30.  When you sign up using my link, you can get a $20 gift certificate for FREE, no strings attached.  I got mine for free!  This month they are also offering a $40 gift certificate to Cake Love for $20, which will be $10 for $40 worth of cupcakes. You can't beat that!

Join the savviest women in DC and become a part of DC Girls in the Know, click here 

Whether you're new to the area or a native, these sites provide excellent sources for things to do.  They don't cost you anything and you won't feel like you're being bombarded by multiple emails.  Why pay full price, when you can go practically anywhere and pay 40-90% less than everyone else at places around the city and around the world?  I'd suggest you'd take my advice and sign up for these great sites and take advantage of all that your city has to offer, I know I do!

Note: Please email to let me know if any of the links don't work and I'll send you a new one.

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