Saturday, April 10, 2010

San Francisco Treat Pt.I

Right now I'm breathing a sigh of relief.  I'm glad to say my job's annual spring conference is officially over and went off without a hitch.  Well actually that's not completely true, but nothing terrible enough happened to leave a bad taste in peoples' mouths unlike last year's conference.

I arrived in San Francisco on Monday evening and ended up meeting up with a guy I used to date in graduate school for dinner, yes the same one who was recently in VA.  We went to a restaurant called Sens.  Sens is a Mediterranean place located in the Embarcadero section of the city. The food was good, nothing to write home about but it was fairly tasty.  I should've known when I only saw 4 other couples/groups of people there, I shouldn't expect much.

The next day, I ventured out slightly to The Ferry Building, which was originally the Port of San Francisco, as displayed on the buidling.  It's a beautiful space that serves as somewhat of an upscale Farmer's Market.  There were tons of cute little shops selling everything from wine and cheeses to freshly baked baguettes and live lobsters.  They also have several small cafes where you can grab lunch to go.  I went to the San Francisco Seafood Company and had a Jambalaya, the best $9 I could've spent.

Later that evening, I had heard many wonderful things about a restaurant that was also located in the Ferry Building called The Slanted Door, a modern Vietnamese place, so I made reservations and went with a co-worker.  As we entered the place we were greeted by a very lively crowd.  It was very diverse in age and race, yet my coworker and I seemed to be the only brown faces which I thought was interesting.  I sat facing the expansive window which displayed The Bay Bridge perfectly like a picture.  My coworker decided she wanted to share the view so she sat next to me instead of across from me.  I thought it was a little strange but the view was beautiful guess she just wanted to see it for herself.

They had an extensive wine list so our server gave us the option of having half glasses to test out a few.  We sampled a few German Rieslings that were amazing!  We ended up ordering the Grapefruit & Jicama salad with candied pecans and spring rolls with pork and shrimp.  The portions were hearty and both appetizers were absolutely delicious.  I ordered the Carmelized Tiger Prawns for my entree. Yummm (rubbing my belly)  I can still taste it, it was that good.  By the time I polished off my meal I was too full for dessert.  Maybe I can make a second trip before I leave.

To be continued...

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