Monday, March 22, 2010

Savvy Tips: My Obsessions

I think I have a problem when it comes to shopping.  I really and truly think I'm addicted to it.  I guess I've been able to manage this obsession because I've always paid my bills on time and I save so I feel as though whatever's left I can splurge just a little.

Right now I'm obsessed with some Tory Burch sandals, among some other items. As I'm typing this I'm on the phone with my girl at Saks in New York trying to order them.  Hey they say the first step is to admit you have a problem.  Besides, I never pay full retail price so that makes it better. Right?

I figured I'd share some of my latest obsessions. 

Tory Burch
Wrap-Up Sandal

For more info or to purchase

Diane Von Furstenberg
Herringbone Wrap Dress

For more info or to purchase

Christian Louboutin
Pigalle Patent Leather Pump

For more info or to purchase

Marc Jacobs
Bruna Classic Quilted Bag
For more info or to purchase


  1. We have very similar taste! That Tory shoe is hot!

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