Monday, January 18, 2010

Looks Can be Deceiving

I've always been a reserved person. I wouldn't exactly say shy but I've been one of those people who is very mild-mannered and introspective.  I believe in taking time to collect my thoughts before speaking.  I've never been one to hog a conversation or fight for the spotlight.  Some people think I'm aloof while others just think I'm stuck up or bourgie.  But truthfully, I've never really cared what other people thought about me. 

As I've gotten older, I've realized because I'm not what you'd call outspoken it leads people to come to their own conclusions about me.  Only people, that really know me are my true friends  and they see a side of me that others that I just meet wouldn't necessarily notice.  While there are those exceptions, like when I instantly click with someone and put my complete self out there, the average person doesn't see it.

The other day while in a board meeting for an organization I'm an officer of someone mentioned the fact that I had a blog.  Some of the other officers acted surprised.  Not that having a blog is a unique concept but I just found it hilarious.

It always amazes me when people try to judge what kind of music they think I like because of my demeanor.  I can't tell you the number of times, people have said they thought my favorite types of music were classical, gospel or soft rock. While I have no problem with those types of music, deep down I'm a FL girl so I have a fondness for southern rap and hip-hop.  In fact, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne are heavy in rotation when I'm in the car.  I loved Trina & Trick Daddy when I was in college and if anything comes on to this day, I probably still know the words.  Hey, don't judge me. 

I do a lot of volunteering in DC.  Most of the programs I work with provide service to the elderly and young people.  In College Bound, there is one young lady who is what I'll call very "urban" but she's a nice as she can be.  If someone didn't know her they'd judge by the way she speaks and dresses that she was just some around the way girl.  They wouldn't know she played in a band that performed at the inauguration of President Barack Obama and at the Kennedy Center or that she has multiple offers to attend several colleges on full academic scholarships.  It saddens me that knowing how society is this young lady will have to try harder to prove herself because she's perceived in one way.

While, I don't care how other perceive me, I find it interesting how people form their own opinions without even really knowing someone.  I guess it's just human nature.  Remember looks can be deceiving.  Don't judge people before getting to know them or their situation because you never know what might happen if you just take the time to get to know them.


  1. I'm laughing while reading this because I can certainly identify! For some reason people have always perceived me as being "stuck up" because I am somewhat quiet and reserved at times. It's amazing how many people tell me after they get to know me "You are so cool! I had no idea you were so down to earth" Hilarious! My mother always told me never judge a book by it's cover and I live by those words.

  2. I so agree. And it's also one of my greatest peeves. Someone else telling me about me. Ughh. I shudder. But! I can't change others so...I'll just keep being me!