Sunday, December 6, 2009

Changing it up...

Over the past few months, I've used my blog as an outlet to write about everything from relationships, to current events, to ways I like to give back but I've steered away from writing about one of my other favorite topics which is fashion.

I've never been one who is flashy or dresses in such a way to stand out from everyone else but I have always prided myself in having nice things.  I've always followed the trends and take pride in being able to identify one designer from another.  I also enjoy splurging on an "It" bag or pair of shoes once in a while.  Everyone has their vices, for some it may be food, others sex, mine I love to shop.

It always amazes me when the subject of shopping comes up and someone says "Oh I'd never pay that much for such and such."  To me I pay for quality.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying expensive always means better but in some cases it does mean better quality.  Of course something that is hand-made is going to be more carefully crafted and will cost more than something mass produced in a factory. 

For example when I was in college I used to buy Nine West and Enzo Angiolini shoes because they were cute and cheap.  After wearing them for a season, I noticed how badly worn they looked and had to throw them away.  Now, I typically like to buy Italian-made shoes.  True, they may cost me 4 times (it would be more if I actually paid full retail price) what I paid for the cheaper brands but they last much longer.  Same thing with clothing.  True I could find a cute wrap dress at say New York & Company or Express but they won't last as long as a Diane von Furstenberg.  Her prints are classic and the materials she uses, mostly silk and wool blends, wear well and the prints are timeless.

I feel as though as long as my bills (i.e. mortgage, student loan, phone), if I want to splurge once in a while that's ok.  Especially considering that I've maintained a part-time job working in retail since my sophomore year in college, wow can't believe it's been 10 years, which has allowed me to be able to buy practically whatever I want and to travel abroad. 

Going forward, I'm going to try to incorporate more posts about how I've come to being a savvy shopper (hence the name change) as well as share some tips that I've found helpful.


  1. great post. I actually still owe a few pairs of NW and Enzo shoes and haven't had them fall apart but I'm very very easy on shoes. Maybe because I don't wear them often. I totally echo your sentiment on investing in nice things though. I think its tacky to really talk prices/cost with people but I hate when people question your judgement for having nice or expensive things. Splurging is fine as long as other things are in order. Look forward to more of your savvy tips.